I'm a programmer from Maine, dabbling in iOS app development with Swift and SwiftUI. I come from an IT/computer repair background, and spent nearly a decade as a computer repair technician with a focus on Apple devices. Now, I'm working on some hobby Swift projects.

Storing Measurements in SwiftData

I have been having the absolute worst time trying to move my data model for Wotter over to SwiftData. In general, SwiftData is great! Except the framework still, for some reason, fails to work with the Foundation Measurement type. Despite being explicity listed as a supported type in the SwiftData documentation.

Anyway, after a lot of trial and error, this is the solution I have come up with. It's ugly, and complex, and could possibly be implemented as a Macro by someone good at that sort of thing. But it works.

For now.

Until another iOS point update breaks something in SwiftData...

Wotter Status Update – October 2023

Just wanted to share a quick update on the status of Wotter, my upcoming water-tracking app.

First of all, it is incredibly humbling how many people on the internet, particularly on Mastodon, are already engaging with posts about Wotter and its development. I even have a couple people who want the beta bad enough to pester me about it – and to those people, I say thank you. Having even a handful of people reminding me that they, too, want to use the app reminds me of why I decided to elevate this from a hobby to a product in the first place.

Speaking of the beta: my goal is to launch the TestFlight beta in early 2024. The original target was late 2023, but it turns out there are many, many rough edges to sand down before I would be comfortable shipping even a beta.

I continue to post updates on Mastodon, typically with the #Wotter hashtag, and will be sure to post larger, more official announcements here as things progress.

I can't wait to ship this app, and I really appreciate the support of everyone who is looking forward to using Wotter!