by Matt Bonney

🔗 BONANZA! #23: He Can Go Eat Seafood for All I Care - Relay FM

Nothing makes me happier than a new Bonanza in my Overcast queue.

🔗 Overcast 3: Design walkthrough –

The only thing I’m not super keen on is the new icon; otherwise, I am absolutely in love with all of Marco’s tweaks and changes. I hope that some day I can be half as productive as a one-man shop as Marco is.

🔗 B-Sides #27: Top Two: Computing Platforms - Relay FM

Wonderful discussion between Marco and Myke over the whole “iPad vs. Mac” debate. I find myself in an odd position on this topic; I feel like Marco’s views are far too skewed by the reality of his needs from a computing platform, but at the same time, as someone who vastly prefers the Mac to the iPad for day-to-day work, I think Myke’s insistence that iOS in it’s current state is a good-enough platform for most people is similarly skewed.

🔗 Apple Begins Selling D-Link's HomeKit-Enabled 'Omna' HD Camera With 180º Lens - Mac Rumors

I recently bought a Logi (née, Logitech) Circle home security camera, and while it does it’s job well enough, one of my biggest gripes is the lack of HomeKit compatibility. Glad to see that HomeKit-connected cameras are beginning to roll out.

Jekyll & Liquid Tags: A Dynamic Duo

Earlier this morning I made some slight design tweaks to the way the page headers are displayed. Before, each page (excluding blog posts) had the same header (“, by Matt Monney”). This was fine for the home page, where it made sense for the “title” to be the name of the site and the author’s name. However, it didn’t feel right on the about or projects pages – on those pages it made much more sense for the title of the page to be, well, the title of that page.

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