Hello, World

Hello, world, I’m Matt Bonney.  I’m a PC/Mac Support Technician and aspiring iOS developer based in Midcoast Maine, where I live with my amazing fiancée and our adorable (if not a bit anxiety-riddled) dog, Lexie.

I am a nerd at heart. I love technology, nerd culture, and programming; this website will hopefully be my outlet for those loves. Expect unfiltered thoughts on Apple and their competitors, pop culture, iOS programming, web design, life and – you’re being warned – probably some politics. (I describe myself as a Moderate/Liberal Independent; read in to that as you will and set expectations accordingly.)

I’ve always toyed with the idea of having a personal blog as an outlet for my interests; a way to express ideas with more clarity than 140 characters allows. This website-slash-blog replaces the old landing page design of Bonney.io that I previously used to route people to my iOS development projects. I decided to go for something much cleaner, simpler, and less in-your-face than the previous iteration:

I admit a blog with a focus on Apple, technology, development and pop culture is not a new idea. I openly admit to being inspired by some of my favorite writers and voices of the Apple/Tech/Nerd community, including John Gruber (of course), Stephen Hackett, Federico Viticci, Matt Birchler, Jason Snell, Casey Liss, and the blogger formerly known as Marco Arment.

If you find any errors or issues with the site, please let me know on Twitter.

I hope someone finds what I have to say interesting. Thanks for reading. ❤️