watchOS 3.2 Includes New Colors for both Standard and Nike+ Watchfaces

Yesterday’s final release of watchOS 3.2 seems to of snuck some new customization colors in. I was especially pleased to see new colors added for the Nike+ watchfaces, which previously were limited to White, Volt, or White/Volt combos.

(EDIT: If you’re interested in learning what all the available colors are, and which faces they can be used on, then check out this page I threw together since writing this post.)

All standard watchfaces gain 6 new colors: Azure, Camellia, Flamingo, Mist Blue (which, oddly, isn’t even blue), Pebble and Pollen.

The Nike+ Digital Face gains 5 new colors: Blue Orbit, Indigo, Light Bone, Light Violet and Violet Dust. The Nike+ Analog Face gains those same five colors, plus one extra color: Anthracite.

More customization is always welcome, especially with the Nike+ faces. I especially like the Nike+ “Blue Orbit” color – although I have to say, I wish there was one singular color pallete shared across all watchfaces.

Full disclosure: I didn’t look through every face to see if there are any other face-specific colors; if I find something I missed, I’ll be sure to post an update. And if you find something I missed, be sure to let me know on Twitter!