A Post on a Website about Tweaks Made to That Same Website

I made a bunch of changes to the CSS and structure of this site today, including:

New, optional gradient backgrounds for pages

Now, if I define a header-color tag in the front matter of a post, that color is used to determine which of a handful of colorful gradients gets applied as the post header’s background view. These only show on standalone pages (/projects and /about for example) and in the permalink-versions of blog posts (for example, my “Hello World” post). I might remove this, or make sparing use of it – the potential for it to feel gaudy is real.

Translucency and frosted glass effect in the navigation bar

Inspired by Apple and the OmniGraffle websites, the navigation bar now includes a beautiful frosted glass effect. Sadly, this is a WebKit-only effect, and only shows up in Safari on macOS or iOS, but damnit if it doesn’t look pretty:

The home page now shows full-length articles

No more excerpts and “read more” links. This was an oddly difficult stylistic choice to make; I think I like it better, though. Before, longer posts would show the first paragraph only, and you’d have to click in to the article to read the rest. I was already showing the full contents of linked posts (due to their typically brief nature), so it’s not as big a stretch to do the same for all posts.