What I Want to See in the 5th Gen Apple TV

Here’s what I want to see in the 5th-generation Apple TV:

4K HDR Output

Duh. Amazon and Roku already have 4K streaming boxes that are way cheaper than the Apple TV. This, along with 4K movie rentals, seems like a no-brainer for a streaming box released in 2017.

Smaller, Simpler Design

The Apple TV already has USB-C. USB-C provides power. While it’s nice that the Apple TV has a built-in power supply, I feel it’s redundant when power could be provided through the USB-C port. This would require a small wall brick (which I imagine wouldn’t have to be any bigger than the brick that comes with the iPad), but I really think that’d be fine.

Simplified Ports

Yeah, I’m suggesting removing ports. The Ethernet port on the current Apple TV is already hilariously capped at 10/100 speeds, meaning that connecting via the 802.11ac Wi-Fi is faster than running your Apple TV hardwired. There’s no need of it. Get rid of it.

Bonus Idea: Even More USB-C

Why not have two USB-C ports? Enable support for external USB storage and USB-to-Ethernet adapters for those that need them. Ship a USB-C to Lightning cable in the box and allow people to charge the Siri Remote without having to buy another power brick.