Weight a Minute Progress Update

It has been 106 days since I publicly announced the Weight a Minute beta program. I’ve shipped 4 betas so far, and for a while was making excellent progress.

However, since around the end of October, I have done basically no real work on the app. I’ve hit a mental roadblock.

This isn’t the first time I’ve completely lost the desire to work on Weight a Minute. I’ve completely scrapped my code base and re-started from scratch twice already, with huge breaks in between revisions.

I’m honestly not sure what the reason is. I’ve finished large projects before, but maybe it’s because iOS development is so new. Maybe it’s because Weight a Minute is very personally important to me. I’m not sure.

As it stands, there is a lot of very tricky work left to do before I can ship a 1.0 release. I will get there, eventually. The current build (Beta 4) in the hands of testers expires in 47 days, and I will at least try to push a fifth beta before that expiration date.

That’s all for now.