You are a software engineer

Michael Lee:

A friend of mine is currently on the job hunt. He was sharing with me how hard it’s been. I’ve been on the job hunt before as a software engineer and know how hard it could be. It is scary, can be demoralizing and imposter syndrome feels like it is at its peak.

As a way to encourage him, I’ve been thinking about truths that I feel could be said to him to help uplift him. The truths about him as a software engineer.

Click through and read the list of encouraging messages Michael put together. I think these words can resonate with many people trying to get started in software engineering; they certainly resonate with me.

(I came across Michael’s blog through this post about integrating Google Analytics in Jekyll. I decided not to use Google Analytics in the end, but I liked his writing enough to click around, and was very happy to find this post. This is how the internet is supposed to work: stumbling upon independent people and finding new, cool stuff.)