I was happy, for the most part. But over the course of 2019 I started to fall out of love with it. The product itself was moving moving forward, and was slightly better with each release (although I never got used to the new Gutenberg editor), but the weight of WordPress, even imagined, got to me. I had tons of plugins installed to do everything from caching to payments to RSS/JSON Feed, and more. And these plugins had updates all the time that I saw in my admin toolbar and had to manage. Themes got updates as well…

And then there was the admin UI which it a little utilitarian for my style, but is also really slow at doing a lot of the stuff I do all the time. I would edit a post, hit save, and wait for a few seconds for the changes to actually take effect.

I could go on, and while there was nothing really killer, it was simply starting to feel like a giant train I was barely holding on the tracks. I don’t want this site to be very complicated, and while the end result was pretty simple, the scaffolding was always visible to me and it bothered me.

There’s nothing quite like reading about a fellow nerd going in to the weeds on web stuff.