Audacious Fox: Don’t Hide the Date

K.Q. Dreger, at Audacious Fox:

I’ve noticed an interesting (growing?) trend over the past few years. Some bloggers (or their designers) choose to hide when a post was written. I usually see this via dates excluded from the URL and/or the page itself. Why they’re doing this, I’m not sure.

Michael Rockwell’s comments at Initial Charge, where I first saw this linked:

The date an article was published is an essential piece of metadata. Without it, how will a reader know whether the information is up to date?

I think there are some types of articles where it’s more forgiving to omit a published date – recipe blogs come to mind.

But many topics of online writing, such as politics and technology, benefit from a time/date stamp not only as a frame of reference, but as an indication that the subject matter may simply be outdated.

I personally plan to reference the creation or last revision date of any page on this site where it makes sense, even if it’s a less defined timeframe, such as “Last Updated Spring 2020”.

(I’ve just added “add date last updated tags to /about and /watchos” to my todo list in Things.)