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Hi there! I'm

Matt Bonney

(it's pronounced "bawn-ee")

I’m a PC and Mac Support Technician and aspiring iOS developer based in Midcoast Maine, where I live with my fiancée, our dog Lexie, and cat Sev.

I am a nerd at heart. I love technology, design, nerd culture, and programming. This website aims to be an outlet for those passions, as well as a one-stop place to learn about my various projects across the web.

About This Site

Bonney.io is built with the latest HTML and CSS standards, making extensive use of the amazing Tailwind CSS framework. The icons featured on the site are primarily sourced from Font Awesome.

The site is hosted on Linode, and versioned through GitHub. The layout and overall style is completely custom, but inspired by the many beautiful websites of various independent web developers.

Code for this site was written in Sublime Text on a 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro.

How to Contact Me

If you must: Twitter is probably the best way to do so. Like any sane person, my website does not – and never will – have comments.

If, somehow, you figure out my email address, please don't email me. Email sucks.