Weight a Minute
for iPhone & Apple Watch

v1.0 in Development

Weight a Minute is an iOS and watchOS app for quickly and easily tracking your weight, with fast weight logging and graphs of your progress. Currently a work in progress.

watchOS Color Guide

Running chart of the various colors available for watch face customization in watchOS, including Nike- and Hermès-exclusive faces and colors. Each color is represented by the exact RGB/Hex color used in watchOS (pulled from screenshots); easily copied using your favorite system color picker (I use Couleurs on my Mac).


A collection of extensions and utilities I’ve found useful while building iOS apps using Swift. Available on GitHub; feel free to use as you please.

Web Words
for iPhone & iPad

v1.1.1 Available

Say words. Search the web. Super fast.

Web Words was my first published iOS app. It’s a simple utility for quick and easy voice searches on your iPhone or iPad – similar in functionality to the Google search app’s voice search feature, but with the added benefit of utilizing the full Safari browser, and without the potentially creepy Google advertising and tracking.

Click/tap to learn more, or download Web Words for free on the App Store.

WWDC16 Wallpapers


The first “thing” I did that ever gained any real popularity on the internet was a set of wallpapers that blended the classic “six color” Apple logo with the beautiful color scheme used on Apple’s WWDC 2016 website.

The entire collection is available here, with dozens of sizes to fit any given device, along with an 8K version for future-proofing.