Web Words

Say Words. Search the Web. Super Fast.

Web Words allows you to quickly search Google, Bing, or DuckDuckGo using just your voice. Just open the app, and Web Words is ready to listen. Say what you want to search for, and tap to search.

Privacy and Power Though Safari

So you’re probably thinking, “Voice search? So what? The Google app does voice search.”

And.. you’re right. Google makes a pretty great app with really well done voice recognition. But the Google app also does something else: it forces you to use Google’s custom, clunky in-app browser.

Web Words uses Safari - the same Safari you use for everything else on iOS. And because Web Words uses Safari, you get all the benefits: access to Safari Reading List, Reading Mode, and Safari Content Blockers (read: ad blockers). The Safari browser is faster than custom-built browsers like the one in the Google app, and you even have access to your browsing history and other tabs.

It’s free!

Tap here to download Web Words from the App Store ➡.

Web Words is my first published iOS app. It’s a simple utility for quick and easy voice searches on your iPhone or iPad – similar in functionality to the Google search app’s voice search feature, but with the added benefit of utilizing the full Safari browser, and without the potentially creepy Google advertising and tracking.