Weight a Minute

Easily Log and Track Your Weight

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I began working on Weight a Minute as my first venture in to iOS and watchOS development. The vision is an app that lets you quickly record your weight using your Apple Watch or iPhone. Emphasis on quickly. I want to make it because there are surprisingly few apps that fulfill this purpose on the Watch, and they all kind of suck or are too slow to be useful. My goal with Weight a Minute is to fix that.


Very much Work-in-Progress screenshots.

Throughout the months I’ve been working, tweaking, restarting from scratch, modifying, restarting again, I’ve been self-teaching myself the ins-and-outs of iOS and watchOS development. Weight a Minute has turned out to be an even bigger project than I initially thought, but the experience of learning all this keep me coming back for more.

My work on Weight a Minute, and the things I learned while working on it, have been used to help me launch Web Words, along with some other WIP projects.